New Fathers 4 Justice – This is one of the biggest social scandals of our time.

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About three weeks ago Ray Barry was interviewed on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester about the…

“”Never hate your ex more than you love your children.” Matt O’Connor #Fathers4Justice #ParentalAlienation #PAS

Call it ‘Occupy Family Court’ or ‘Fatherless Day.’ There was a protest Friday afternoon on the west steps of the State Capitol against a family court system they say automatically rules in favor of mom during a divorce, without giving dad a chance.

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6 thoughts on “New Fathers 4 Justice – This is one of the biggest social scandals of our time.

  1. One theme of intellectuals who dissented from the ideological-bureaucratic dictatorships of eastern Europe was “nonpolitical politics,” to oppose ideology not with contrary ideology but with non-ideology, to resist politicisation by re-creating the ordinary business of “civil society” and private life. If any group should adopt this philosophy today, it is fathers. For all the effort to “restore fatherhood” through programs like Fathers Direct, ultimately the only ones who can restore fatherhood are, of course, fathers themselves. Almost by definition, fathers alone can truly “save the children” by re-creating the family with themselves in it.

    In so doing, fathers may also hold the potential to start redeeming a political culture that for thirty years has been sinking into the mire of permanent rebellion. Their current plight indicates how far the divorce “revolution” has brought us all into a brave new quasi-Freudian world where not only traditional institutions are attacked and brought low, but so now are private individuals, simply because they hold the most basic position of human authority, the head of a family. Whether they are up to the challenge remains to be seen.

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  2. Family court is a big scary place for parents with small children, especially young parents. It is an unnecessary stress for families whose main focus should be caring for children not legal battles. This petition covers many much needed changes to make family court family friendly, including child support issues, changeover of care between parents and mediation, though these are just the tip of the iceberg.
    Family issues should be taken care of in a local, friendly community center where support and counselling are available to the whole family. And hearings in a big court should be for divorce, property settlement, dividing of assets and money, not fragile children. Tell our government to make families a priority by getting the facts straight and protecting the well-being of our children by protecting the well being of parents!
    Stop children being used as pawns in the battle between bitter parents after break up by providing realistic services to understand and guide parents through the process. Parental alienation is a huge problem in family court and a drain on the resources of the police and Department of Community Services.

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