So few in the Media will Expose the Judicial Corruption of Judges

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#ABC2020 (ABC 20/20) will expose Judicial Misconduct.21372-stop2bfamily2bcourt2bcorruption2b-2b20162

My Dad Tried to Right a Wrong, Now He’s Behind Bars Unjustly

Victoria FineMy father is 69 years old and is known for his dapper bow ties and for seeing the world in strict terms of right and wrong. And since March, he has been taken a political prisoner of the L.A. County Jail System.

So few in the Media will Expose the Judicial Corruption of Judges

corruption family court judges - 2016

Justice’s Blind Eye: Money Floods Judicial Election Campaigns

In rare public remarks last week, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said the money involved in electing judges remains one of the most pr…

My Father’s Case Heads to the U.S. Supreme Court

Victoria FineRichard I. Fine vs L.A. County Sheriff Leroy D. Baca will determine whether it is legal for a U.S. citizen to be held in coercive confinement for such a long period of time — almost 14 months.

– Please Watch ABC 20/20 often and show your support to ABC for STANDING UP and SPEAKING OUT we need more true Investigations into the Corruption of our Government, our Elected Officials and our Judiciary. When sharing your story please add #ABC2020 –DivorceCorp - Judge says Family Court is all about the money - AFLA Blog 2016

Bought Justice

Dylan RatiganOur courts have as of yet been exempt from the same level of scrutiny as Congress and our politicians, but there is a pervasive, ongoing corporate attack on judicial integrity, and what we’re seeing is that a lack of aligned interests, secrecy, and corruption are eroding that system as well.

Judicial Accountability

Source: Exposed Corrupt Judge

When government fails, everyone feels the pain

State court: Domestic violence law unfair to gay couples

Family courts must submit to ‘laptop justice’

Filmmaker Was Documenting Abuses in Cps and Children Murdered Under State Custody Before He Died

Hold Family Courts Accountable

Judicial Accountability for Court Ordered Parental Alienation

Dr. Koziol Back in Manhattan Advocating For Court Reform and Family Rights

Maine Couple on ABC’s 20/20 Fighting Child Abuse Charges

Obama Sucker Punches Citizens United

~~ WARNING ~~: Family Court Can Cause Serious Risks To Your Health

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