Why More Falsely Accused Don’t Speak Out

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TALKING BACK to restraining orders

Continuing on the topic of character assassination, I think it’s important to address this question: If procedural abuses are epidemic (and they are), why do so few vociferously complain? Why isn’t the Internet inundated with personal horror stories (and why aren’t state representatives’ in-boxes choked with them)? We purportedly enjoy the privilege of free speech, so why isn’t it exercised more?

The absence of rampant complaints of procedural abuse is misleading. Limitation of complaints to sketchy e-petitions and forum comments, often anonymous, makes them suspect and easily discounted by those with a political interest in discrediting them.

The dearth of forthright exclamations of abuse and injustice, however, is easily understood.

Rather than consider who isn’t talking back, consider who does. A few known to the writer are identified in this post: “If You Doubt the Grief Caused by False Accusation, Consider the Whimpers of False Accusers When THEY’RE…

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