To Protect Father-Child Relationships Judges Must Do More

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Over the past few decades, research has shown the importance of fathers to their children’s well-being. These studies show children in father-absent environments are almost four times more likely to live in poverty, are more likely to use drugs and alcohol, have significantly lower educational attainment, and are more likely to be sexually active.

Over the past few decades, research has shown the importance of fathers to their children’s well-being. These studies show children in father-absent environments are almost four times more likely to live in poverty, are more likely to use drugs and alcohol, have significantly lower educational attainment, and are more likely to be sexually active.

Judges Pen - 2016Children in father-absent environments are also more likely to engage in juvenile delinquency, have higher risk of being victimized by crime including sexual assault and domestic violence, and are more than twice as likely to commit suicide

Despite this information, many people still fail to understand the importance of fathers. According to research by Joan Berlin Kelly, 50% of mothers “see no value in the father’s continued contact with his children after a divorce.”

In light of this alarming statistic, it is perhaps not surprising that a study published by the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry found that “40 percent of mothers report that they had interfered with the noncustodial father’s visitation on at least one occasion, to punish their ex-spouse.”judge You Failed - CRBlog2016

A recent report by the Federal Administration for Children and Families describes a harmful phenomenon called “maternal gatekeeping,” in which mothers interfere with fathers’ access to their children. According to this report, “more than half of nonresident fathers offered accounts of gatekeeping behavior, ranging from refusing to grant physical access to making frequent last-minute schedule changes.

Gatekeeping also came in more indirect forms, such as refusal to communicate in person or by phone, withholding information from the father about the child, or berating the father.”

Motives for maternal gatekeeping vary. In some cases, mothers use children as a weapon and deny fathers access to their children as a way to punish them. In other cases, mothers use children for financial gain.

According to the ACF report, “mothers would sometimes restrict access when a father failed to provide ‘extras’ over and above the required child support.”We need a winner - 2015

Given the importance of father-child relationships, Judges need to do more to protect them. First, judges need to ensure fathers who live apart from their children’s mothers have adequate parenting time with their children.

According to a 2013 Nebraska Supreme Court study that reviewed ten years of Nebraska custody data, mothers were awarded sole or primary custody in 72% of cases. DO NOTHING JUDGES - 2016The study also found judges grant noncustodial parents about 17% of the parenting time on average, which is only half the minimum time recommended by mental health research. According to the research, judges should grant at least 35% parenting time to each parent except in limited cases.

Second, Nebraska judges need to enforce parenting time orders more rigorously. Mothers who violate parenting time orders often are not punished until the third or fourth violation. Not only is this harmful to the children involved, it is also very different from how judges enforce child support orders.

While mothers often get two or three warnings before they are punished for violating parenting time orders, fathers often are punished immediately even if they are unable to comply with child support orders. To make matters worse, the state provides free legal services to mothers to enforce child support but provides no help to fathers to enforce parenting time.Stop Absolute Discretion and Immunity of Family Court Judges - Causes 2015

In situations where parents repeatedly violate parenting time orders, judges should be quicker to change custody and reduce the offending parents’ parenting time. Judges should also show greater willingness to award attorneys’ fees in situations where parenting time orders have been violated.Bias Judges - 2016

Third, judges should be far more sensitive to situations in which one parent interferes with the child’s relationship with the other parent. These situations, sometimes called “parental alienation” or “parent-child relationship problem,” require immediate intervention. Unfortunately, many judges fail to act or unintentionally enable the bad behavior, which often causes lasting harm to the children and targeted parent.

Finally, judges should have a greater awareness of false domestic violence allegations, which is a common tactic in maternal gatekeeping situations. A 2005 study in Family Court Review found 59% of domestic violence allegations made in contested custody cases were not supported by evidence.

Similarly, an analysis of domestic violence restraining orders concluded 81% were unnecessary or based on false allegations. This is consistent with other evidence that “between 50% and 80% of abuse allegations cannot be substantiated in child custody cases where a high conflict exists between the parents and there is a young child involved.”24-million-without-dads-2016

Father-child relationships are critical to healthy child development. Nebraska judges must do more to protect these relationships.

Shawna Thompson is an entrepreneur and child advocate in North Platte. She has three sons and three grandchildren.

Principal is not your Pal

The Principal Statute is especially troublesome for juveniles who hang around children that commit crimes.  The mere appearance of cooperation could be enough to have all children charged with a crime, even if the child was not actually involved.  Despite a playing a minor role in the crime, everyone involved is supposed to be charged and convicted of the same crime.



December 24 letter from Greenberg - Nixa Rose

This matter is well documented and fills half of a banker’s box.  There is evidence to prove police misconduct. The Father suffered and continues to suffer because of the trauma of this family court case.

The Father has known the Mother since 1990 when they started dating and there has NEVER been any incident of domestic violence. The Father filed a paternity suit for his Father’s rights to his daughter and the Mother was advised by her attorney to make the false allegations to the police to gain an upper hand in the family court case.

We can provide all the documents, police reports, and case numbers if your interested in pursuing this case. The Father also contacted State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundel on 3 occasions only to be referred back to the MDPD.

The Father corresponded directly with the now retired Director of the MDPD Mr. Loftus who referred him to his subordinates, Major Shimminger and Major Herrera. The Father still battles these false allegations until today.

·  Symphony · Denied Access Disgust - 2016

False allegations of DV to Police - 2015On November 5th, 2013 Florida Family Court Judge Manno-Schurr advised the Father in a hearing at the Family Courthouse of Miami-Dade County, Florida that 4 calls from “the police” were received by her office (Chambers) alleging that he was trying to remove his daughter from the school.

ONCE AGAIN the Mother has made “false police reports’ violating Florida Statutes 741 and 837.

These allegations were proven false when Honorable Judge Manno-Schurr called and spoke (from the courtroom) with Principal Sandra Shipment who said that the Father NEVER tried and or even asked to remove his daughter from the School.

“He just went there to visit her teacher and or counselor to review academic records and the school  registration.”   ~ Principal Sandra Shipman, Broward County Public Schools.

The Father’s information was omitted from the Broward County Public School Registration despite the court’s ‘award’ of “shared parental responsibility”.

The counselor suggested to visit his daughter in the after school care program area and dad visited his daughter “supervised”  in keeping with the “spirit” of the public policy (as stated in Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes) of the State of Florida.

Let my ex see his children - 2016

Mandatory Reporting & Legal Notices

Removing Parents from Public SchoolsImage: No Parents Allowed

It is no accident, no coincidence. And it’s not just your imagination. There really is a steady trend by the government and the courts to remove the influence of parents from the public schools.

We are witnessing the rise of a statist mindset that actually believes that “expert” agents of the state can make better decisions for your child than you can.

Read the full article here.

Everything you wished you didn’t need to know about 
In 10 minutes, more or less.

Parental Alienation Syndrome and  Hostile Aggressive Parenting

Parental Alienation is a term used to describe the behavior of a parent and often other family members who manipulate a child’s mind with the motive of severing all ties between the child and the other parent. The agenda is packed with various tactics and actions are pre-meditated. When the pressure on the child to remain loyal to the alienating parent becomes too intense, the child gives up, and total rejection of the other parent becomes reality.

It may appear as though the child is happy about their new, parentless status, but suppressing a relationship with the other parent is emotionally unhealthy and impacts them for a lifetime. This is a reality in Albion, PA, where children and parents are impacted, just as it is a reality all across the World. We need to find people who can help.

Interestingly enough, one elementary school counselor took a brochure but told me she is told “not to get involved” with these situations. My response to her was, “That is a problem.” I have to question if people understand that parental alienation is emotional bruising just as physical abuse leaves visible marks on a child’s body. It harms a child’s development. Do people care or are they ignorant? Are we failing our children by not facing reality? What kind of society do we live in?

Parents who are on a mission to destroy a bond between a child and the other parent can only be punished through the courts and by God. There is little we can do about them and their behavior. They tell others they are “protecting” their child and make the child feel like the other parent is unworthy of a relationship with their child. Something no child should have to hear, for that parent is parent of who they are.

Parents who are on the receiving end of the alienation are often helpless. There is little they can by themselves. They stand helpless, as they watch the relational death between themselves and their children. They watch their children construct a wall between them as a result of the brainwashing. The parents witness the joy being drained out of their children’s lives, as they are asked to spy, lie, and even partake in the intense denigration. They watch their children sabotage their time with them in order to remain abnormally loyal to the alienating parent (and family). Alienated parents cannot help their own children because they are portrayed as the enemy. The courts fail them too.

Family courts embrace adversarial situations and often empower the alienating parent. Alienating parents have passed the course in manipulation and are very convincing. As a result, the courts lack of education, empathy, knowledge of children development or need for power further hurts the child.

The damage caused by the breakup of families is not going away, especially if we continually turn our backs on the abuse. Research shows that 20-25% of children in divorce situations are alienated from a parent. The impact lasts a life time. That was evident as I spoke to adults, in Albion, PA, who were alienated from their children.

Teachers, college professors, pastors, ministers, doctors, counselors, coaches and many others can begin to help children in an area that is desperately needed. Right relationships are what life is all about! Parental alienation is real, parental alienation is child abuse!


 Children’s Rights  Divorce & Corruption a Persistent Pursuit for Justice: Corrupt Lawyers and the Absurd Legal Decisions in the Fraternal Order of Matrimonial Law at  Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse.· Miami ·

STOPPING ABSOLUTE JUDICIAL DISCRETION IN FAMILY COURTS ELIMINATES COURT-ORDERED PARENTAL ALIENATION Stop Emotional Child Abuse Stop Legal Abuse Syndrome – LAS Survival Stop False Allegations of Domestic Violence Enforce Civil Rights in Family Law

Deny telephone contact with dad when the children are with you: This relates back to the earlier topic on alienation of affection but may not always be as obvious. Even if you have limited time with a child such as a couple hours a week, you must allow that child to call dad when requested.  In addition, if he calls to check on the child you need to be polite and allow him to talk to the child unless that would cause disruption or the child is sleeping. Keep in mind that such calls from dad must be reasonable. Children should feel free to communicate with either parent at any time. If the mother denies you contact with your children when you call, be sure to keep a journal of the dates and times so the court may address it if it becomes a problem. 

Prentice Powell “Good Father” on Arsenio Hall Show

Cop Arrests Dad For Trying to Pick Kids Up From School

The Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) State Legislative Program, and to access additional legislative resources, please visit:

Also, you can review and follow bills that may be of interest to you during this session. Please visit the links to the Florida Senate and House, which are listed below:

TFRM - Unjustified Contact Denial Judge Manno-Schurr 2015


by Shawna Thompson
Over the past few decades, research has shown the importance of fathers to their children’s well-being. These studies show children in father-absent environments are almost four times more likely to live in poverty, are more likely to use drugs and alcohol, have significantly lower educational attainment, and are more likely to be sexually active.

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Local View: Judges must do more to protect father-child relationships : Opinion

Over the past few decades, research has shown the importance of fathers to their children’s well-being.…


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