Public call to all who support equal treatment under the law.

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This is a public call to all women who support equal treatment under the law.Civil Rights in Family Law Florida - 2015

Civil Rights Advocate Leon Koziol, a former practicing attorney who has won gender, race and sexual harassment cases during a 23 year career, is seeking your signature to a petition for a meeting with Barack Obama. He is seeking equal treatment for fathers in childrearing decisions in our domestic relations courts.

The BEST Parent is BOTH Parents - 2015Like the women’s rights movement which could not have succeeded without men supporters, he is confident that he can rely upon women of good conscience to join him in this call for reform. President Obama’s first act signed into law was the equal pay amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and appointments of two women to the United States Supreme Court.

We hope Obama is not a hypocrite and will do the same reform for the other half of America’s parenting population. Little girls and women partners are victims in addition to good fathers under this antiquated “custodial institution of childrearing”. Attached is our Petition and “Open Letter to Barack Obama” for your review. Please pass this on to other women and rights advocates.

75aa1-youtube2bchannel2bart2b-2b2015See “Open Letter to Barack Obama” –  (Click Here)

Sign Petition – (Click Here)

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“The lives of the children and their families can forever be changed by our action – or inaction”      Originally posted on Children’s Rights:ITS TIME FOR A WIDE-AWAKE RALLY!!. You know, Abraham Lincoln was the first American President to bring equality…AMERICAN DADS
Preponderance of Evidence, Parental AlienatIon, and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress  —  Should men become husbands and fathers—and many men today are choosing not to—they don’t stand a chance in a court of law if and when they get divorced.…AMERICAN DADS
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Rather than assist victims of domestic crimes, these courts often precipitate them. And rather than help parents and children move on, as they are mandated to do,…  AMERICAN  DADS
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“Failing to expect both parents to support their children is not only unfair, it reduces marriage incentives, increases poverty rates for custodial…AMERICAN DADS
Yes, I know you’re out there, SJW feminists. You’re going to call me a bitch. You’re going to call me a sell-out. You’re going to say I’m an ignorant this, that, and plenty of other four and five letter words because I dared to write “women love men,”…
Sociological fatherhood is real fatherhood. It is also what Margaret Mead called “a social invention.” In the ghettos biological fathers seldom become sociological fathers, seldom amount to much, because Mom’s sexual promiscuity or…
Most women will no longer have to cope with domestic violence. Children will live in safer homes and grow up happier and healthier. We will all benefit from a…
Identical words can be used to describe a mother and a father, but those words do not retain a consistent definition: They are translated to reflect parenting stereotypes. A mother and a father might be depicted as “very involved,” but…

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